Como Markets

Stallholder FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions you would like to ask about getting a stall at Como Markets? Find answers here

How do I apply for a stall?

Como Markets are popular; we have an ever-growing stall holder waiting list. If you are interested in holding a stall, we encourage you to fill in this form.

How do I pay the stallholder fees?

Please pay your site fee by bank transfer; on confirmation of a stall site offer, we will send you the details. Regular stallholders can pay for stall sites at the canteen on market day (in the afternoon) for next month’s market.

Once you begin selling at the Como Markets, we require stall sites to be paid a month in advance to ensure you keep your stall site. We have a stallholder waiting list and will begin allocating any unpaid stall sites about seven days after the last market.

I have had a great market day. How do I book again?

New and casual stallholders should email immediately after the market to request a site at future markets. We have a stallholder waiting list and will begin allocating any unpaid stall sites about two days after the last market.

How big is a stall site?

A full stall is a space approximately 3m x 3m.

What can I sell at Como Markets?

Como Markets welcomes market goods of all kinds. We look carefully at the mix of stallholders for each market. You may not be approved as a Stallholder which is in no way a reflection on your products/services. It is often a situation that we have stalls of a particular type already. It is up to the coordinator’s discretion which stallholders are accepted and what goods they are able to sell on market day.

When is the market open?

The market is held on the second Sunday of every month (excluding January), 9 am to 2 pm.

What time do I come for my stall?

The market trades between 9.00 am and 2.00 pm – stallholders must not arrive before 7.00 am and not later than 8.30 am.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

It is a condition of this market that stallholders have PUBLIC LIABILITY insurance for a minimum of $10 million covers.  A copy of your policy should be submitted, by email, when you complete the form to become a stallholder. If you do not already have public liability insurance, please research the cost before applying to become a stallholder. If you do not have public liability insurance for your stall at other markets, please don’t buy insurance until we can confirm that a stall site is available.

What about the weather?

The market will go ahead “Rain, Hail or Shine” Anyone choosing not to attend or stay and trade will forfeit their stall fee for that day.

What else should I bring?

Stallholders must supply their own market accessories, e.g. tables, umbrellas, chairs and sunshades.

What if I cannot/do not attend a market?

Stallholders are expected to attend every market day for which they are scheduled.

Permanent stallholders (those paying six markets in advance) are allowed one anticipated absence with prior approval.