Como Markets

Market Stalls

Available stalls at Como Markets

Going to the market, you would discover that there are several stalls of people selling different products.  Although we are in an e-commerce world, people still have stalls where they sell a lot of products. Certain products are best-sold in stalls, such as

Farm products

Most farm products are perishable goods that should be sold on time. The best way to get the product sold on time is to get on the stall. Products like pepper, tomatoes, fruits that are fresh from the farm are best sold on stalls.

During a certain period of the year, many people, regardless of the product they sell, bring their product to the market stall to showcase what they sell.

There are market stalls specifically for children. In this type of market, what they sell are basically children toys and products. Children’s clothes are also on display in the market stalls. This is usually during festive preparation when children are on break from school activities.

Also, house products are also sold in stalls. Many people see market stalls as an easy means to display their products. This activity gives a number of people access to the product they do not know even exist.

Market stalls are also easily set up. You do not need to open an elaborate store to sell your product. This gives you an alternative means to sell your product without even paying much for space.  Getting space in a store or supplying products to a store might be difficult. As a result of this, you should be able to sell your product yourself in an open space, costing you little to nothing to set up.

This system has helped a lot of farmers to sell their products which are perishable. Commercially speaking, market stalls will help a lot of people sell their market and move their products first. A sole businessman will be able to dispose of his goods if he can set up a stall in a market. This profit-making venture has helped a lot of businesses sell the product which, if they are in a store, would not have been purchased.

Setting up a market stall is not that difficult to do at Como Markets, and All you need is to book for a stall in advance and come with your umbrella and anything else you will need to set up your stall.