Como Markets

Getting to the Markets

How to get to Como Markets

Going to the markets can be a very laborious task when you lack the know-how or without adequate knowledge of what the market is about.

The first step to getting to the market is to know what you are going there to get. You need to know that what you intend to get in the market can prove very helpful.  Knowledge of the goods you want to purchase will also help you in finding the goods you want to get. This knowledge will point you to the market that fits your purpose.

Taking this knowledge into consideration will help you in a number of ways in getting to the market.

Again, you should know that there are market stalls located in different spaces. Some markets might take the form of a normal supermarket building which is usually easier to locate. In contrast, some might be in open space.

Those in opening spaces are usually difficult to locate because they hardly have a specific address, nor do they have a direct contact number. They are nomadic in nature by moving their stall from one place to another. The best way to get things from this kind of market is to know the exact spot they will be at a particular period.

Again, most product sellers now have a website you can visit. With these websites, you can learn more about them and find how you can get to them.

Getting to the market is much once you know that certain products are sold in a specific area; this will help you. In locating a particular product, all you need to get to a place where they are selling similar products. Getting a similar product is a pointer that such a product will also be sold around such an area.

Again, getting to the market can be an easy task for you if you already know the market’s nooks and cranny. At the same time, getting to the market might be a laborious exercise if you do not understand the nature of the market.

Getting to the Como Markets

The Como Markets are held on the grounds of Como Public School.

1 Genoa Street Como, NSW 2226.

Going by Train

From Cronulla and the City: On the Eastern Suburbs & Illawarra Line, Como Markets are 300 meters from Como Station.

Drop off at Como Station, leave the station and enter the Railway Road. Continue left to Novara Cres. Turn left on Novara, walk down the hill to the crossing, and you see Como Public School.

Going by Car

There is free parking in the local streets as well as the Carina Bay Reserve car park, which is beside the school on Genoa Street/Tivoli Esplanade.