Como Markets

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Getting a stall at Como Markets

It is a great business move to get a stall for your product. This will help you push your product to prospective customers who would love to purchase your product.

Suppose you are considering getting a food stall; you are just looking at investing not less than $70. This will help you build a perfect footstool. Also, in order to secure a space for your stall at the Como Markets, you should be budgeting around $300. This amount will help you secure a stand to place your stall for a period of the ceremony.

Process of getting a stand

The process of getting a stall with Como is not difficult. All you need to do is to book ahead. This will help you secure a stall on time. The reason why you need to book on time is that many people are also applying to secure a space in the markets. Your booking on time will place you ahead of most people who are also looking to get a stand. All you need to do is to pay the required fees and fill all the necessary forms.

The forms will contain your necessary details such as your name, home address, phone number and nature of your business. This biodata will help prospective customers locate your stall. The reason behind filing the biodata is to provide you with a stall that is numbered and to organise the event.

You should also note that you need insurance to cover your product. You can apply for public liability insurance. This insurance will cover in case of any mishap during the event because Como will not be liable for any damage to your product. You should, however, note that the insurance should not be paid until you have assigned a stand.

You should also know that you will be the one to supply your other selling accessories such as a table, umbrella, sunshade and chairs for your customers.

After payment, you will not be given a refund if you do not come on a particular day, and your stall space will be given to someone else for that day. However, if you want to cancel your order due to forces beyond you, you should give at least a month notice about your intention to cancel.

As a means of advertising, you can also upload your product online for prospective customers. You can do this by snapping pictures of the stall and your goods.

All kinds of legal goods are allowed in the Como. All you need to do is to inform those in charge that you have the required products that are for sale. You can do this by telling them about the product in the biodata form. This will give insight into what you sell. They will also find you a stall that fits such a purpose. This will help your product grow awareness.