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We are a market organised by Como Public School P & C. We are the ideal place for families to have a wonderful day out.

Como Markets Is More Than Just a Place to Get Whatever You Need

At Como Markets, you will find all kinds of commodities from food and beverages to other products like handmade goods, artisan products, homeware, flowers, books, etc. it is also a great place to bring kids as there are several activities that kids can participate in while at the market. It is right on the Georges River bank, offering you a beautiful scene and serene surroundings.

Como Markets is more than just a place to get whatever you need; it is also a place for sightseeing, where you get to see the best handmade artisan goods from this part of Australia, and your kids can have all the fun they want as well. The market is a community, and you will get to see our community’s unique attributes when you come to the market.

The market features several stalls, each unique in nature, and the stalls have just about anything you could be looking for. If you are looking for where to get presents for friends and family members, here is where you will find those items that are hard to find anywhere else. For tourists, you can get handmade memorabilia that will remind you of your time in Sydney from here and of course, you can wander around too, without getting lost.

Getting to the Markets

Going to the markets can be a very laborious task when you lack the know-how or adequate knowledge of where the market is. Getting to the Como Markets is quite easy, and you can use several means of transport to get to where you are going.

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Market Stalls

Going to the market, you would discover that there are several stalls of people selling different products.  Although we are in an e-commerce world, people still have stalls where they sell a lot of products. Certain products are best-sold in stalls. Stalls at the market are numerous, and you will find everything from food stalls to shoe stalls.

Become a Stallholder

It is a great business move to get a stall for your product. This will help you push your product to prospective customers who would love to purchase your product. Suppose you are considering getting a food stall; you are just looking at investing not less than $70. This will help you build a perfect footstool.

Stallholder FAQs

Do you have any questions you would like to ask about getting a stall at Como Markets? You can get some of the answers from our FAQs.

Things to do in Como

Como is a community located on the banks of Georges River; it is a railway station and the first Sutherland Shire township. An attractive town with several leisure activities that are water-based coupled will have a low-density population and residential development. If you’re in Como, there are several places to go and activities to involve yourself in.